Greetings to all creativity enthusiasts and educators! Today, we’re excited to share the wonderful experience of the book launch for “20 Lessons to Weave Creative Thinking into Your Curriculum” in Santiago, Chile, in August 2023. This event brought together educators, friends, and family to celebrate creativity and education.

The event was led by Francisca Petrovich, a communicator specializing in education and creativity, who engaged in a fascinating conversation with one of the book’s co-authors, Lola Schnapp. Together, they explored the book’s main ideas, including the “Torrance Incubation Model,” the importance of creativity in education, and how we might bring creativity into classrooms worldwide. They also discussed how the lessons presented in the book can assist educators in achieving this crucial goal.

Book launch was led by Francisca Petrovich
Francisca and Lola deepening expectations about creativity and education

A special event moment was the appearance of Dr. Cyndi Burnett, co-author, who sent a video greeting to the audience from Iceland! Her motivational message was enthusiastically received by all in attendance.

Following the example of the “TIM Model” (Torrance Incubation Model), they heightened the anticipation of the attendees so that when they entered the room, they found a gift box that read “Do Not Open.” This mysterious box generated great anticipation and curiosity among those present, setting the stage for a unique experience.

An event brought together educators, friends, and family to celebrate creativity and education
Educators, family, and friends engaged in great conversations. 
Extending the learning, everyone got to take home a toy to remind them of their creativity.

Subsequently, the conversation delved deep into the realms of creativity and education. To deepen the expectations, participants engaged in a lively discussion on fostering creativity in classrooms and how to apply the book’s lessons in educational practice.

Finally, a child who attended the event helped open the gift box to extend the learning. Inside, there was an array of toys. Each guest could choose a keepsake from this experience, serving as a reminder of the importance of living each day creatively.

Expanding Horizons – The Spanish Connection

Spanish version of 20 lessons to infuse creatve thinking into your curriculum
Friends and Family gathered to celebrate creativity.
Spanish version of 20 lessons to infuse creatve thinking into your curriculum
Cyndi was present from Iceland sharing some inspiring words.

We are thrilled to have  launched “20 Lessons to Infuse Creative Thinking into Your Curriculum” for our Spanish-speaking community. The Spanish version is available on Kindle and, and in Chile, it can be found in major libraries across the country.  If you are interested in the English version, you can purchase it here. 

This book is an invaluable resource for educators looking to nurture creativity in their classrooms and fostering creative thinking skills in their students. We hope this work inspires many educators and students to embrace creativity in their lives and academic journeys.

Attendees of Book Launch
So happy for everyone that showed up to celebrate!

We extend our gratitude to all who attended the launch and those who supported this project. Together, we are building a more creative and brighter future for education.

Keep weaving creative thinking into your curriculum and everyday life!

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