I invite you to see the value of Black History month. It is the opportunity to remove the blindness around Black people’s contributions to the nation and our daily lives. Over the last year, people have noticed that being blind to racism, systemic racism, and white supremacy means you miss deepening your capacity to lead.

What do you practice that expands your ability to see Black people’s value and contributions to society?

This month as we celebrate Black History 24/7/365, I invite you to look for opportunities to increase your conscious action with your students. Action that expands the knowledge of race, class, and culture.  By the way, an invitation to engage 24/7/365 means every day, each week, all year. Take some time and choose from the following:

1. Observe

Invite students to explore the value of seeing people and seeing the system of actions that diminish value by focusing on fear, insecurity, and bias. Observe examples that help and hinder inclusivity and bring them to class to discuss.

2. Gather Data and Make It Visible 

Each day this month, look for the brave faces and brave actions that bring people together. Have your students create a collage that tells the story of the brave faces they have seen.

3. Take Action 

After witnessing life in our society with a broader lens, reflect on taking action. Observe and act to correct places where the system denigrates rather than uplifts. Reflect and share all of the things you can do to uplift the system.

4. Make a Commitment

Engage with the brave faces of Black people who make their way rising to create opportunities to thrive. Have your students put their faces on the collage with what they plan to do to uplift.

“There is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.” ~ Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

Steven E. Jones, PhD, partners with cross-sector leaders from government, business, and the community to take actions that dynamically support systems change. He works with leaders, executive teams, and high middle managers to create better conversations with their peers, partners, and direct reports. He brings rich expertise in leadership effectiveness, organizational change, and results-based leadership to his coaching work.   To learn more, visit https://altusgrowth.com/team/about-steven/

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