We recognize that the upcoming academic year will be filled with both new opportunities and perplexing challenges for both educators and parents. At Creativity and Education, where we are educators, parents, and creativity experts, we want to help.

Throughout this pandemic we have all been trying different things – some of them have been heroic failures, but others worked, at least to some extent. We would like to foster a community of practice based on those successes, no matter how small. The following survey serves as a means for us to collect your success stories, tips, strategies, helpful articles, and resources. We will then post (with your permission) your responses to our website and social media pages.

We want to build on these successes by sharing what has worked for YOU.

So please, take some time to reflect on the last six months, complete this survey, and help us to build a better future for all.

Which option best describes you?  I am a…

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