As a parent or educator, have you ever felt like you were being pulled in two different directions? It might have been a situation where you had to choose between family and friends, or perhaps between work and home, or even between time for yourself and time for others.  We are offering two webinars that will help you navigate these complex situations using polarity thinking and appreciative inquiry.  

Finding Balance Through Polarity Thinking

Tuesday, July 21st, 11:00-12:30 EST

Cost $20 USD.

The dilemmas you experience are created by polarities and arise when we have to choose between two options that are equally valued and yet cannot co-exist. To complicate matters further, ignoring one polarity to pursue the other can only result in significant detriment to your well being over the long term.

Polarity thinking is a method by which we can learn to find balance, and navigate the polarities that we cannot escape in our lives. By recognizing these polarities and then learning to map them out, and chart your course to find the right balance you will find yourself on the path to a more mindful and satisfying life.

We shall use the polarity thinking approach to understand, map, and navigate the polarities that are currently hijacking our lives.

This webinar will be interactive and you will have an opportunity to work in small groups on your polarity challenges. Some of the polarities that we will work with will include:

  • Activity and Rest
  • Care for self and Care for Others
  • Stability and Change
  • Work and Home
  • Planned and Spontaneous
  • Individual and Community

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Finding Balance Through

Storymining and Appreciative Inquiry

Tuesday, July 28th, 11:00-12:30 EST

Cost $20 USD

We all have stories to share.  Stories can open the doorway to learning from past experiences. We can mine our stories for wisdom and insight by taking our stories apart to extract learning from them.

In this webinar, we will share and learn from each other’s past experiences of what works and apply the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to discover ways in which we might address the challenge of “How might we find balance in our lives as we navigate these uncertain times?”

This webinar will be interactive, and you will have an opportunity to work in small groups to share your stories and to design new strategies built on past successes.

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Your Facilitator

Ismet (Izzy) Mamnoon is a change catalyst who works as a facilitator translating creativity from theory into practice. She was first drawn to the field of creativity and innovation when she became a parent. She speaks intimately about her journey on the TEDx stage. She is the founder and guardian of imagination at Beyonder which offers training and facilitation for Parents, Educators, and Youth with the mission of using creativity as the means to unlock the human potential of the next generation.

Ismet was recently featured in TIME magazine’s article “When Schools get Creative” in their special edition on the Science of Creativity for her creative approach to parenting and for the work she does globally to weave creativity into education. She is a graduate of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State where she received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence. She is a facilitator of Creative Problem-Solving, Polarity Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, and Accelerated Learning.

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