Teach Creativity

Teaching Creativity Through Deliberate Creative Problem Solving

If you are lucky enough to have the time and space to teach creativity as a content area, we recommend two routes.  In understanding creativity, we look at the approach that creative thinking skills can be developed through problem-solving methodologies and expression.

The first path is by teaching deliberate problem-solving methodologies.  While Creativity and Education has a foundation in the Creative Problem Solving process, there are many different problem-solving models and programs for educators and students.  See below for more information.

Go Beyond Resources to Teach Creativity Through Problem Solving

The Creative Thinking Course for Children

Programs the Teach Creativity Through Problem Solving

Teaching Creativity through Expression

Second, let’s take a look at expression.  If you want your students to develop creative thinking skills through expression, give them opportunities to create!  The emphasis should be on the process of creating- the complexity they need to work through, the ambiguity of not knowing what might emerge, and the playfulness and imagination required to come up with something original!  Here are some programs that focus on creating that we have tried out.   This list is not exhaustive, and if you would like to recommend others, please contact us!

Go Beyond Resources to Teach Creativity through Expression

Websites that will help your child develop their creativity through expression

Additional Resources to Teach Creativity

A Playlist of Activities from the Lego Foundation