Hosted by Kim Marie McKernan and Anthony BilloniThe Creative Flow: Thinkers and Change Agents Podcast features guests who are using creativity, innovation, and new thinking to help change the world. This episode features Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Ismet (Izzy) Mamnoon, both thinkers and change agents in the area of Creativity in Education.

Cyndi is a Creativity and Education Specialist and Izzy is the Founder and Guardian of Imagination at Beyonder. Both are graduates of the Master’s Degree program at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY Buffalo State where Cyndi was also a faculty member for twenty years..

The focus of this episode is on the deep collaboration that Cyndi and Izzy have developed, starting with Izzy’s Master’s project and continuing with the Missouri Project. In just six weeks they developed a new online program to bring creativity to the education of gifted and talented students in the state of Missouri. That collaboration continues with Cyndi’s work on her Five Star Model for education on her new website, where visitors will be prompted to “Go Beyond” to access the deep resource Izzy shares on her website.

You will be introduced to Izzy’s alter ego, Wanda, and learn about her powerful creative flow. Cyndi also shares valuable tips for harnessing creative flow both in her work and artistic life.

Don’t miss this episode to learn how Cyndi and Izzy are is changing the world of education.

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