A torn sheet of paper. 

A little drip of paint. 

A smudge and a smear. 


Often times, children (and adults!) are paralyzed when they have an oops.  However, what if we were to take an oops and turn it into something beautiful?  This is the wonder-filled lesson of the children’s book, Beautiful Oops, written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg, and our theme for February 2021!  

In collaboration with Barney Saltzberg, Creativity and Education will focus on taking our mistakes and turning them into something beautiful.  Here are Oops events!

World Read Aloud Day February 3rd, 2021

To kick-off the month, Barney will do a live, YouTube streamed reading of Beautiful OOps along with an Oops activity at 10 am EST on World Read Aloud Day, February 3rd.  Have your students bring their questions, and type them in the streaming box, and Barney will answer as many as he can!  Click here to bookmark and set a reminder!

Interested in bringing Barney virtually into your classroom or school for a live reading, activity, song, and Q & A?  Please contact us at hello@creativityandeducation.com for rates and availability.


Think Beautiful Oops is just for kids?  Nope!  We have a session just for adults!  Learn more about our Beautiful Oops Workshop for Adults here.

Weekly OOPS Activities on CreateTUBEity!

Every Tuesday throughout the month, we will release a new Beautiful Oops activity you can try with your students/children on our Youtube station, Createtubeity. Please make sure to subscribe to the station, and click on the bell for notifications!

Please note: While this book is intended for children, we have found that it resonates with people of all ages!

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