Tools, Tips, & Tricks for Teaching Creative Problem Solving Virtually

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This workshop will be highly interactive as attendees participate in a virtual creative problem-solving facilitation session using Zoom, Mural, and Google. We will demonstrate the best practices for using those technologies and provide participants with resources they can use in their own teaching. We will also model the power of collaborating with colleagues. Educators will learn how to enhance the interactivity of their classes regardless of discipline. All of the virtual teaching strategies we will share can also be used in traditional face-to-face classrooms.

Prerequisites for Participating

  • Zoom account (free version)
  • account (free educator’s version)
  • Watch a short video about how we will be using Mural
  • Google account (free version)
  • Complete a pre-workshop questionnaire
  • A reasonably fast Internet connection
  • One large monitor (16 or more inches) connected to a computer with a mouse, or two separate devices with the faster & larger one connected to

Your Presenters


Dr. Amanda Lohiser


  • Assistant Professor: Communication, SUNY Fredonia
  • Visiting Instructor: Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Adjunct Professor: Creative Studies, SUNY Buffalo State
  • Instructor: Communication, Singapore Institute of Management: SUNY Buffalo Degree Program in Singapore
  • Visiting Lecturer: Communication, SUNY Buffalo
  • Design and deliver workshops about creativity, presentation skills, professional communication
  • Invited lecturer on topics including neuroanatomy of emotion, creativity, communication theory, navigating team conflict
  • Professional experience in the fields of integrated communication and public relations


  • B.A. in Communication
  • M.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies: Public Relations Management
  • M.S. in Creativity and Change Leadership (expected May 2021)
  • Ph.D. in Communication with a concentration in emotional intelligence

Dr. William David Yates


  • K-12 and college educator for 46 years
  • Technology consultant for the Buffalo State Department of Creative Studies
  • Extensive faculty training experience
  • Former Director of the Center for Excellence and Creativity in Teaching for Southeastern University
  • Eight years in the communications field
  • Former supervisor of the student media production program of the Polk County (FL) public schools


  • BA in English
  • M.A. in Mass Communication
  • M.S. in Creativity Studies and Change Leadership
  • Ed.D. in Ed Leadership with specialization in educational technology
  • Exploring a fifth degree in organizational psychology
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