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Creativity and Education along with Beyonder are organizations founded on the belief that creativity is a means to a better future for all.

We believe that creativity, which includes a mindset, heart set, and skillset for creative thinking and doing results in – building options that did not exist before in response to open-ended, ambiguous, complex challenges that have defied traditional approaches. Creativity allows us to adapt, adopt, or craft responses when faced with uncertainty and unexpected challenges. It also contributes to developing resilience in individuals and fosters hope and the means to reach successful outcomes that go beyond what is usually expected.  

Our world as we know it has been upended by changes and situations we could not have anticipated. We feel it is our responsibility as advocates for creativity to respond to the needs of our community of educators and parents by facilitating authentic conversations which might lead to co-created solutions using a creative approach as the basis for collaboration. In order to do this, we invite you to help us shape our offerings.  Please share your thoughts with us via this short survey:

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