Are you a parent who is juggling work, child care, and the possibility of online schooling for your children, in a world where we cannot predict what lies ahead? As you struggle with the ambiguity and uncertainty you might find yourself wishing for an “in case of an emergency” guide to help you safely navigate through these turbulent times.

This workshop is designed to help you create the emergency parenting guide that your family needs. In this interactive and fast-paced workshop you will:

  • Identify what your family needs right now.
  • Discover how to stay on track with your parenting goals even in these trying times.
  • Learn how to adapt, adopt, and create strategies that will serve your family’s needs.
  • Workaround and through some of the emotional potholes, you might be encountering.
  • Use the learning cycle to continually grow and improve.

We appreciate that as a parent you are stretched thin for time and attention – far more now than ever before. Our promise to you is that the 90 minutes we are asking you to invest in this workshop will be time that is well invested as we provide you with tools and answers that will help your family thrive in spite of the challenges presented by the COVID -19 pandemic.

Your facilitator: Ismet Mamnoon:

As a “Parentologist” who has been writing about parenting for almost 40 years. Her desire to find a creative solution to her own parenting challenges led her to a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. You can hear her speak about her journey as a parent on where she is featured as a speaker, and you can read about her creative approaches to parenting in TIME magazine Special Edition on the Science of Creativity.

As the founder of Beyonder, Ismet has a vision for using creativity as the means of unlocking the human potential of the next generation. She does this through her work with youth, parents, and educators by applying creative approaches to mentoring, parenting, and educating the next generation. In addition to her commitment to Beyonders everywhere, Ismet works as a facilitator and trainer within the corporate arena and with social and economic development organizations.

Ismet has authored several books, online courses, a parenting tool kit and has created card decks that support the work of creativity consultants around the world. She received the President’s Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student at Buffalo State and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for her work in creativity.

Here’s what participants say about our sessions:

• “Honestly speaking, the simple basic task of putting our parenting ideas on paper was such a milestone.”

• “The goals seemed more doable, more practical, and approachable.”

• “It made us more acutely aware of the qualities we are trying to instill in our children.”

• “We concentrate on the little things in life and completely miss out on the big goals to achieve.”

• “Helped me identify and name things that have typically just happened organically.”

• “It brought the decision-making process back in my hand, rather than worrying about the environmental influence all the time.”

• “It is useful to take the time to reflect. Also, very helpful as a conduit for discussion with parenting partners.”

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