My Sandwich is a Spaceship: Creative Thinking for Parents with Young Children (ages 2-8)


Find fun, engaging, and purposeful activities for your children, straight on your phone.

This app will show you how to maximize your children’s creative thinking skills in order to change how they approach life, and ensure that they are ready for this rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

  • The app will provide you with: Over 100 activities that you can try out with your child indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go adventures!
  • Five creative thinking skills you can integrate into your day-to-day life
  • Research-backed information to take a deep-dive into the specific skills to help build lessons for homeschooling, learning pods, or preschool classes.
  • A pdf or kindle copy of the book, My Sandwich is a Spaceship, to read in full. Do you have the actual book? We hope you do.

This app Is iOS and Android compatible.

What people are saying about the app:

“I love it! Every time the kids tell me they are bored, they pick an activity. It has been so great.”  ​

“I’m currently organizing a Kinder Pod for the Fall semester with 3 other families and while we are hiring a caregiver to manage and work with our kids, I want to make sure that non-school activities are both fun and purposeful. This app was very helpful in planning both short and longer-term ideas.”



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