It’s almost summer!  And we have a special surprise for you!

Join us for the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast’s FREE Listen and Learn Summer Series! Here, you can join Dr. Matthew Worwood and Dr. Cyndi Burnett for a summer of professional learning to help bring more creativity into your home or classroom.

Through our new series, we’ll cover ten simple but powerful actions you can take to increase creativity in your space. We have analyzed over 200 tips shared by creativity researchers, scholar-practitioners, and educators to determine these top 10 actions. Spend the summer learning how to become better equipped to nurture the creative potential of yourself and your students/children.

And you can win prizes simply by listening! Each week we will reveal a letter that can be decoded to reveal a creative word. Once you have the word, email us at to be entered into our big giveaway!

Finally, if you want to join our Director of Possibilities, Dr. Cyndi Burnett, in a discussion on each action, check out the Creative Thinking Network!

Are you ready to get started?  Here is our intro episode (with your first letter!)

And here is our first action – Ask Questions!

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